How does a rural homeschooler complete a speech course from home?

How does a rural homeschooler complete a speech course from home?

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We have wondered this fact often, but that is before we received the Speech course from Hewitt Homeschooling to review for our high schooler.

Hewitt Homeschooling

Speech is a required subject in most school districts

When I was pulling out sample transcripts I kept seeing speech listed over and over. I wasn’t sure how much we were missing out on or if we would even can create an equivalent course at home. For one it is not a subject with which I have much familiarity. Secondly, I have not seen a curriculum offered through any of the vendors I use. Lastly, I was not sure how we could pull it off with just a couple of teens.



We have unique challenge of being rural homeschoolers

Living a 120-mile round trip from a large city makes certain aspects of homeschooling challenging. There are many communities where homeschool support abounds and you can join groups and co-ops for more advanced high school classes.  We live in rural farm country. There is not even a support group, let alone a co-op within 50 miles of our house. At least we have a few teens in the same house, we could choose to throw together a class and they could read to each other but, what about homeschoolers who only have one teen?


Hewitt Homeschooling creates quality courses to help families fill in their Literature needs

Their Speech curriculum allows me to teach the class that we wish to from our own home without missing any important content. As a homeschooler, I place a great deal of trust in the hands of vendors. I am not trusting my child’s future to just anyone who can print a slick looking book. Hewitt has been creating courses for Home School families since the mid-eighties. They are not interested in reproducing a public-school style but, instead learning, focused on building foundations that last a life time with a focus on the family working as a unit for their child’s education.


Their literature packages are available for every age in your homeschool. They offer a great variety of listings for your high school student. Shakespeare Comedies and Tragedies, British or American Literature in several different time periods, World Literature and many more selections to choose from.


Hewitt Homeschool Speech Overview

We chose Speech because I knew it is a subject we had not covered in our homeschool. I really wanted to be able to recommend a program to my friends that I knew would help them meet state requirements and high school credit requirements and give my kids the well-rounded transcript that colleges are looking for. Lightning Literature & Comprehension Speech was the right tool for to satisfy all those desires.


 Lightning Literature & Composition Speech Pack


A Turn Key Course You Student Can Navigate

I bought a curriculum last year at a convention. The woman explained it to me and it sounded like it was very simple to follow the schedule for the program. She pointed out key features and when I purchased it, I thought I was making a good move for our family. The trouble is, it is still sitting on my desk at home. I could not, for the life of me, figure out how the schedule worked or what days to do what activities. I need clarity.


Lightning Lit. Speech is not going to sit on your desk like that program. The course is uncomplicated in its core layout. Each week is easy to follow with repeating tasks each week. My daughter knew that every week there would be a clear reading list, with selections from the text book. There is even a heads up about what to look for as she is reading so she can be ready for the comprehension questions.


Each week has a literary lesson. They are not too long, spanning several pages in the Student Guide, but are comprehensive in covering the main point of each week’s lessons. The lesson concludes with a variety of Writing Exercise selections for your student to choose from. The schedule allows for three papers per unit, so your student can choose to do one or two writing assignments from lessons in that Unit. This gives them so flexibility to decide what they would like to do. I have found that this method makes for a happier student. I like how Hewitt chose to incorporate this amount of selections as opposed to just one assignment each week.



How do You Grade Writing?

One of the best resources I received in the Speech course was in my parents’ guide. They provided me with the most comprehensive breakdown worksheet to evaluate and grade my students work. Please don’t tell me that I am the only one who has a hard time correcting my students writing. There are SO many factors, it is easy to lose sight of the core lesson. Other times my kids don’t give me their best work. They are just writing for Mom. There is a lack of motivation to strive for deeper writing.


I remember my sons first report. I gave him several books about Benjamin Franklin and showed him our out line for a report. I explained that he should write a paper that told a person everything he learned about Mr. Franklin. My son looked me right in the eye and said, “Why wouldn’t I just give them these same books and they could read it for themselves.”

Do you have one of those kinds of students? One who would just spend all day trying to out-logic you, rather than just write. Hewitt has the answer. Whether you have a hard time evaluating writing selections for credit OR if your student needs an external evaluator to help them dig deeper and produce better work, there is a tool for you. Hewitt will be your paper evaluator for the year. A human person, not a machine will be your student’s personal evaluator and will offer corrections and suggestions about their work. If you have homeschooled all your child’s life this is a great way to get your high school student ready to transition to college class room work. These courses were created with college readiness in mind. Combining any of Hewitt’s courses with their paper evaluation services is a great way to assure your homeschool son or daughter is ready for that first semester away from you.



Hewitt Homeschooling {Reviews}


In Our Homeschool We Talk About Never Limiting Our Students


Most of my kids have no idea what they want to be as they enter the work force. It is insane to think that they should know what they want to do forever. I am still narrowing down my selections. What I do tell them is that they should not limit themselves in the future, by the choices they make in their education today. We took the core classes that they will need for college entrance. If they don’t go to college, we have no loss, but if they decide they want to pursue higher education, I want no limitation to be before them. Finding a partner like Hewitt can be exactly what you need to create a high school experience that will fully equip your student for the future no matter what it holds.


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  • Thank so much for reading and leaving a comment. I have really enjoyed reviewing new tools for homeschooling families this year. I have found so many great resources and curriculums I had never heard of before. I see you have been sharing reviews for quite a few years. That is awesome. I’ll have to go back and read a few. I got caught up in reading about your use of Epsom salts and clay for your bite. Both great ideas. Glad you are on the mend. Have a great holiday week! Amber

  • This is a great review! I too had wondered about teaching Speech as a homeschooler. Glad to know I can make note and save Hewitt for later in this topic!

    Just visiting from Farm Fresh Adventures <3

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