Hey, I am so glad you came here to the blog. It is the central hub for keeping everything I want to share with you. This is a great spot for me to tell you about who I am and what I am passionate about.


Why 200fingersandtoes?

I am a mother of 10, there are literally 200 fingers and toes over here, getting into my stuff every day. That might sound like you could never relate to me but, I swear I am normal. Actually I relate even better because between the 10 kids, and being in the restaurant business since 15, I’ve seen just about everything. The entire human condition amplified. That is us. It would make a great bumper sticker for my giant 12 passenger ride.

I really do love kids.

In fact I have always loved kids, they are my people. I relate because they are on my level. I laugh too loud and love learning new things and really want to go out and play if I could.

Homeschoolers are my tribe and I want a community the challenges and inspires me everyday.

We homeschool so all of us are here just about 24/7. I love the flexibility homeschooling gave us in the early years as young business owners, and I love the closeness it brings us now. Let’s be real, sometimes everyone wants to punch each other in the nose. We are still human, but we are civil and have big hearts for each other when it matters.


My kids came by their big passionate hearts honestly. I have a few passions of my own and I’ve built this blog around them.

  1. I have found a lot of products that work and I share them with other parents, teachers and leaders. No one should have to guess with their money or their ministry, I want you to have access resources that I love.
  2. I spent a lot of years waiting for someone to make me happy until I realized that person was me. My heart could not be more filled with hope and joy since I started making significant changes to take care of my soul. I want encourage others to embrace self care
  3. As a reluctant homeschooler myself, I get the very real challenges we all face with our kids. This drop out, turned 14 year homeschool vet knows that NO ONE should ever be discounted, every kid has the potential for great things. With a k-12 school, I’ve learned as much as 5 average sized families about reaching the heart of an individual, and I’m still learning every day.
  4. I love the homeschool community with a passion, and someone needs to welcome this new generation with grace and love. The old homeschool mold is like wearing your brothers shoes, I don’t fit them and I am betting neither do you, but I think we can embrace the future and thrive better if we find our own individual fit..

Here is what you can do from here

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  3. I am a writer at heart and I love the word of God. If you love Anne Lamott, my DEVOTIONAL essay writing will very likely fall short of her beauty with words. Alas, I am no Anne, but we can be fans together and share the journey and our story.
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Thanks a ton for sticking around to the end. If I can help you in any way on your journey in life drop me a comment. I might not solve your all your problems but I will encourage you from the sidelines while you find it with me.






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