Lay a Timeless Foundation of Faith with a Guided Bible Study

Lay a Timeless Foundation of Faith with a Guided Bible Study

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My upper elementary kids are ready to start a Bible study of their own. We had the chance to review Weave Your Word in Me — Part 1 from Kid Niche Christian Books and have found a solid introduction to reading and studying God’s word for themselves.


A Guided Study Creates Consistency

I have a hard time making myself stick with a Bible Study consistently. Among my friends, I find that this is true for them as well. Part of being a parent is trying to help my kids avoid struggles I face as an adult. I love the word of God, but digging in for my personal growth is something I have to continually reinstate in an intentional way every few months.


Help Your Kids Take the Wheel

For myself the best way to stay in the word of God is to get a Bible Study or join a group. I am a person who is externally motivated, a group study helps me stay on track. My heart’s desire is for my kids to have a far more natural relationship with digging into God’s word. They have been doing it all of their lives with me at the lead. By upper elementary, it is time for them to start taking the wheel for themselves.

The guide has just enough answer space to get a response. Get then thinking, not working.


Easy to Fill In Prompts Get Your Kids Thinking

Weave Your Word in Me is simple to use. All you need is the notebook pages (I threw them into an old binder) your Bible, and Pencil and dictionary. The blank answer pages are compatible with KJV, ESV, NKJV, NIV, NASB and NABRE. This means your child can really work with a high degree of independence.


Help Them Meet God Themselves

The focus of the study is MEETING GOD; learning about who God the Father and God the Son are and how each is uniquely separate and still uniquely God as well. Part 2 covers What God Wants from us. Your kids spend three weeks learning about choosing wisely, serving others, loving good, and true heart centered obedience. They also will learn about depending on God because He wants to hear them.

Begin by knowing Who God is.


Let You Child See The Plan of God For Themselves…Personalized and Perfect

We teach these things but this study is for your child to begin to internalize the scriptures for themselves. They are holding the spoon for the first time and feeding themselves. There is a new level of intake that comes from this process. This is the age my kids are starting to ask really good questions. They are hungry for answers and I want them to know that they are not too young for find the answers they seek. In the last part of Part 2 your child will learn about the attributes of the third part of the Holy trinity, the Holy Spirit. Part 1 will prepare them by knowing God’s plan to make them His own. This study also serves as a prayer guide. The scripture they learn is their guide as they begin to speak to God on a personal level. The prayers they write are simple but not light. They are rooted in each scripture that the lesson taught.


Get The Word in Your Heart

My daughter had just been asking how I knew so much scripture. I am blessed, music is my cheat sheet. If it is in a song lyric, them my mind will remember it. That is why I love kid’s albums that have scripture lyrics. That put a great deal of the word in my heart, but as I told her, the rest was good old fashion memorization methods. My husband and I carried around a stack of 3X5 cards with us forever. Using this Bible Study has given her a place to begin working on her own collection of scriptures.

Kid Niche Christian Books

If you are looking for a way to help your child begin the habit of learning God’s Word and spending time in regular personal study, Weave Your Word in Me would be a great study to begin with. It would also make a great group study.

More to add online

Bonus Material for Every Lesson

There are also thoughtful activities and video clips to add on to each lesson at which you could lead, but are simple enough for my savvy crafter to complete herself.

Weave Your Word in Me {Kid Niche Christian Books Reviews}
That might be the best part is allowing my child to take ownership of their relationship with God, after all that is the desire of my heart as a parent, that my children learn who God is for themselves and love His, even as I myself do. That is a work only the Holy Spirit can do, but we help create a ready heart as they turn theirs toward Him.

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