Reaching the Heart of Little Believers

Reaching the Heart of Little Believers

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Remember the Little Pumpkin Tracks I shared about from Let the Little Children Come? We were also shipped their wonderful Gospel Tracks and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack for children to review. My kids all claimed something for their own. The little prizes made me nostalgic for my first Sunday school days many years ago.

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks

Why is child evangelism close to my heart?

When I was nine, a lady invited us to Sunday school at her church. My Mom worked hard as a single Mother of four. When she wasn’t working she was taking a few classes to get closer to her goal o becoming a nurse. This woman offered to come over and get us ready herself if we wanted to go. She was true to her word. With her kindness and sincere act of love, we became attenders of church. It did not take long for God to capture my Mother’s heart for Himself and change our family forever.

Children Love Treats and Prizes, It is in Their Make-up

For my Mother is was the love of Christ and the sacrifice He made for her atonement. For me, it was ginger snaps, apple juice and stories outside in the jungle like atrium of the community college where our church was meeting. I remember the first time I went to a Sunday School. The teacher was a young tender hearted guy. He was fun and engaging when he told stories, but the best part was in his briefcase.  That worn, brow, leather case was always full of new little prizes. I looked froward to earning little books and trinkets so much. Even today I can feel the sun on my face in the atrium and the happy feeling those little treats gave me.

They love the little take home treasures.

Child Evangelism Needs Physical Representations

Just like the moving tracts and bracelet kit that were in my sample pack. These were the little gifts that motivated me to participate, memorize scripture and anticipate Sunday School class times with joy.

A True Partner For Children’s Ministry

Let the Little Children Come is a great resource for evangelizing to children. They created quality, focused ministry gifts that children want that parlay the deep meaning of the message of sacrifice and redemption that we all need to hear. They are not light on the gospel message, nor apologetic in being clear.

Their site is full of helpful resources for people who are working with children and wish to share Christ in a way that will lead to lasting fruit. I really enjoyed this printable about the Do’s and Don’ts When Evangelizing to Children.

Definitely hop over and click around their site. They are a good resource and partner for those who want to reach the heart of little believers.

Each had the story of redemption as the main focus
Scripture flip story took me a few minutes to figure out
Make a bracelet kits for groups
Truth about how to begin your journey and an emphasis on continuing to grow

If your are looking for gift for your Sunday School class rooms, children ministers or outreach programs, Let the Little Children Come has items that keep the message of the Gospels central with small items kids love.

Let The Little Children Come

Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools {Let the Little Children Come Reviews}

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