How to Raise Strong Biblical Sons in a World Stacked Against You

How to Raise Strong Biblical Sons in a World Stacked Against You

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We have always had a strong selection of great Biblical teaching tools. We received Manhood Journey Fathers Starter Kit from Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio to review as one of the most recent tools for our life skill curriculum.

Raising strong Biblical sons is a worthy goal

It is the desire of our homeschool, but how do we go about doing that and still allow our children to develop a genuine faith?

Father's Starter Kit | Manhood Journey

The Truth Still Remains: Strong Biblical Men, Raise Strong Biblical Men

One of the greatest challenges as the kids get older, is finding a set time to gather everyone together for a teaching with Dad. Like many families, my husband is working and I educate our kids at home. This means he has a limited resource of at-home time. Husbands, don’t discount that we see this. Every time you pause your plans to read to a kids for a little bit longer; every time you take on a subject, so we can have some breathing room, we see it.

As the head of your family you are the minister, leader and chief priest. You have a role no preacher can ever fill. We are just like any other family. We struggled to find a time that would fit everyone too. Don’t quit! The time we share is precious beyond measure.  Hearing all of my sons laughing together is music to my ears.

City on a Hill is calling biblical men to step into that role in a real and visible way.

They provide all of the materials for men to lead their sons without any limitations. It is a perfect fit for a family that is just starting out homeschooling and wants to start doing things differently or for a veteran family like my own, who wants to keep the word of God at life level every day. I thought the material was a little basic, but  the truth is that the gospel message has not changed much in 2,000 years. If we could get the 5 attributes covered in these lessons, engrained in out hearts, then our lives would reflect it. That would glorify God, which is our chief end.

The greatest thing we can do to influence our kids toward Christ is walk out a Biblical life before them.

That means sharing in the study of God’s word, asking our questions and seeking our answers together. Manhood Journey is perfect as a father and son; one on one study, or it can be used in a smaller group. In our family we are considered our own small group since we have 5 teen sons. The Group Guide was a great fit, and actually kept things moving along smoothly. This is also a bonus if you have a large family. You don’t have to purchase guides for every young man, a notebook or small journal would be enough to keep their notes and memory verses in.

The leaders guide had plenty of clear instructions to keeps mentor time moving and discussions directed. We know that keeping distractions at a minimum is always a plus with a group of young men. There was no stammering to find our place since the books are also laid out clearly with plenty of space for notes and insights.

The first Module of Manhood Journey is called Embarking.
In it the first lesson you will focus on the the Five Rocks or attributes of a Godly man…
1. He Trusts God
2. Knows God’s Word
3. Prays Fervently
4. Builds Relationships
5. Serves Others

City on a Hill is focused on Building Godly Character From the Ground Up

Each subsequent lesson focuses on an individual attribute. The discussion time allows participants to open up further about how those look in all of their lives. There are plenty of questions that give your sons the opportunity to share and connect with their father.

The guide has plenty of cautions to be an active listener. I know that they were well placed. As parents we tend to inform and instruct far too often. Embarking is a great chance to practice active listening with your teens as well as grow as a family leader.

During the teen years there are times when your teen can go “radio-silent.” Getting back into the habit of communicating can seem daunting, but this is the time they need you the most. If you have failed to listen well, confess. We do a lot of truth talk over here. We say we are sorry often. Humility can break down big walls if you allow it to work in you. This would be a good tool to come humbly to your son and tell him you want to reconnect.

Manhood Journey is a great way to reestablish a lost connection with your teen, or to strengthen bonds with your sons.

Manhood Journey would be a great tool to get your teens talking again. It would be a perfect tool to use as you mentor an individual that God has placed in your life. It is easy to follow, approachable and well laid out. If you have any reservations about being able to lead, this is a great tool for a beginning leader to step right into.


Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio

Men, your leadership is vital.

No matter what you think, your family is looking to you and watching to see if you are going to take the lead or leave others to build a Biblical foundation for your children. My prayer is that a generation of men would rise up and use tools like this to build a firm foundation. One your children can turn to when trouble comes. One they can continue to build their own faith upon.


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Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit {Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio Reviews}
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