Don't Guess About School This Year

My desire is that no parent quits homeschooling because they feel unequipped. I want to share my lessons and failures so you have greater joy and success, everyday.


Personalized Advice for You, Schedule a Homeschool Consultation

I get lots of emails that ask for homeschool advice for large families and sibling groups, and while I do my best to answer them either by way of a blog post or with an email reply, some situations are better handled with actual face to face (or voice to voice) interaction.

Because of my busy schedule, it may take me weeks to get to your question by either of those methods. It normally takes me at least half an hour to respond thoughtfully to a complex homeschool dilemma. A blog post can take several hours of my day.

My solution to the problem is to offer homeschool advice in a more personalized way for you. For a live consolation with me, send me an email with an overview of your circumstances and some suggested times you would be available for an undistracted call. (I am in central time zone.) I will send you payment information and set an appointment.

The rate is $36 per hour with a one hour minimum charge. After the first hour, time is charged in half hour increments, even for follow up calls. I am also available for ongoing consultation such as weekly check-ins for accountability.


Do not waste another bundle of cash guessing about what might work this year. Talk to a Mom who has been through the learning curve.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or just needing to make a major change, a great start is with this consulting package,

for $70, the cost of the math book you hated last year, you get something you are guaranteed to love:

Initial 1 hour personalized meeting based on your email profile and description of specific areas of focus (no wasting time)

Follow-up recap e-mail, including links and references to help you follow up on suggestions (so you can take immediate action)

Two 30 minute follow-up meetings once a week for two weeks (for accountability or troubleshooting)

Sign up HERE for full instructions and downloadable prep guide for you personal call


My Areas of Expertise

  • Sonlight Curriculum
  • Large Family Age Grouping
  • Literature Based Learning
  • Empowering Parents by Simplifying Learning
  • Self-Care and Soul Maintenance
  • Consulting for Curriculum Companies

If you need input from a veteran homeschool parent, I can help. I understand the demands of a busy home with 10 children. We’ve been restaurant owners for all of our married life, so I know the struggles of doing it all on your own; as well the joys of having Daddy wanting to jump in, but not knowing where to start. We’ve been navigating schooling at home for 13 years and have met with many of the common mistakes. My heart’s desire is that no parent ever quits homeschooling simply because they feel unequipped. I want to share my lessons and failures and ensure that you have greater joy and success, every school day.


As a parent of a varied range of ages, I can offer broad and knowledgable critiques and feedback for a homeschool curriculum or for an educational website. I am also available for product reviews and testing. As a blogger and online content creator, I have enough experience to offer basic social media marketing for homeschool curriculum providers.

Please email me ([email protected]) for rates and references.


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