About me and my 200 fingers and toes

I created this Blog to encourage caregivers to find their passion. Fix something, sing, run, write, try a new craft or art form. There is not a better time to nourish your soul than today. I hope to give you some ideas and inspire you see that there is no reason you should let burn out creep in. You have so much more to give when you are filled up.


There is always a sticky surface or a sticky face around here, but with ten children that is exactly what you would expect. What you would not expect is the grace it takes to manage every day in this house. I am still a woman with creative dreams and desires. Over the years I have learned that I am the one responsible for making sure my heart is full. I did not always live this way. 

There was a time I was unhappy, depressed and bored. Feeling stuck, I wanted my husband to make me happy, I wanted my kids to make me happy, I even expected God to make me happy, but I had no idea how much I could help every one of them by taking better care of my own needs.

I took back the responsibility of caring for my own soul, self-care became a real life event instead of a wish or hope.

 Live creatively again. Learn about how self-care is a vital part of serving your family.

I blog to encourage you. I am not all that great at Mothering 10 kids. I hope you see that you don’t need to be great, you just have to be willing. Willing to do whatever you are called to do with the expectation that God is going to show up and meet you there. I’ve learned to face my fears and keep moving by inches and footsteps. I have become more creative and free every year since I learned that I was responsible for taking care of my creative soul.

Are you neglecting yourself?

I was, and I wasted vital years waiting to be taken care of, growing more resentful, and getting my feelings hurt.

We can get tricked into thinking it is a great sacrifice to put ourselves aside. In reality we are hurting the people we love by not allowing your best self to shine. Do you want to take better care of yourself but don’t because you think it is self centered or that you don’t have the time?

I want to show you how I made time to love me, without taking away from my family. Even with 10 kids, a restaurant and a busy homeschool day. You can do this. My marriage and family is stronger than ever because I am stronger than ever. I want you to have that same feeling.




I am a Mother, a wife, a Homeschool teacher, blogger and a writer sharing my story of how God changed my life, turned my world upside down and led me down a path of creativity, forgiveness and a healthy dose of self love. Now, I want to offer hope, help and guidance to new homeschool parents who are finding their own way.

We all want to live a more creative fulfilling life while raising our kids.

I want to help ignite a spark, a notion, rekindle an idea God placed on your heart. I don’t want to take this journey of growth alone. While I share my journey, I invite you to jump right in and walk along. We can cheer for one another along this path to our most creative and fulfilling life.




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