Tuesday Recap – Life in Review

Tuesday Recap – Life in Review

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We start school after chores and breakfast, usually around 10am. We are sort of cobbling together quite a few things right now. This has been difficult for me. I have always used Sonlight Curriculum. I like having a binder to give me a clear layout for the year, day by day break downs and the like.

As a curriculum reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse’s Review Crew, we must use each item we review as it is prescribed. It is fun to get new things, but I wrote over fifty reviews last year. That means that we used and inplimented tons of new materials over the year. It was hard to keep up with our Sonlight at the same time, but it also gave us a welcome anchor to work around. We flexed all of our schedules quite a bit, and we found quite a few items that were well worth the efforts of reviewing. I will have to put together my top ten list from last year. Since there were no reviews in December, we literally took the month off of everything but the basics. I needed a break.


For the remainder of the wrestling season, when school and lunch are done, I drive wrestler number two over to the school to drop him off fo thigh school pactice. I am running, yes, but I am also loving seeing these two find a sport they love. This kids even gets up to go to the 6:15 practice with us. There is nothing like watching your child do something the really love.

My ninth grade kiddo has found his groove out on the wrestling mat. I have been surprised that I enjoy wrestling as a sport. I thing I like the even playing field and how diversely different two kids in the same weight class can be. It is all about the work you put in before the match. There is no luck in wrestling, just earned points and determination.

I hope you are finding your groove as well. Stick around and read a few more articles when you have a cup of coffee and a couple of fear minutes. I would love to share them with you.


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