It’s Time To Get The Kinks Out of Your Homeschooling Armor {Review}

It’s Time To Get The Kinks Out of Your Homeschooling Armor {Review}

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There are times when you need to have someone else check your armor. I was glad to have the chance to go through Homeschool Rescue from Only Passsionate Curiosity and really walk through our school using another person’s eyes.

With my oldest kids graduating, I was ready to assess our school year and look for ways to make it better. As a course creator myself and a 15 year vet of the homeschool game, I STILL need support from others. I need an outside eye and insight to help my be my sharpest because my kids are counting on me.

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

It is Time to Get Suited Up For Next Year

One of my favorite movie scene is early in the movie “The Nights Tale.” The main character, Will, is getting suited up for the joust in terrible, old, ill-fitting armor, that is not even his in the first place. His squire is holding Will’s arm over his head while another squire is banging heavily on Will’s side with the butt of a large pole. After a minute Will, waves his arms up and down in a gesture that says, “Yes! That is better!” And off he heads out the the next joust.

Just like Will, there are kninks in my armor that I need someone to come along side of me and help bang them out. Sometimes, I am using methods that just don’t fit where I am in my homeschool anymore. Other times my teaching method is just broken and I am not seeing it.  Everyone should have an armor bearer at their side ready to sinch up your straps and loosen your burden where it is pinching.


Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

What if You Could Have a Real Armor Bearer of Your Own?

That is what veteran homeschool Mom, Heather Aliano has done with Homeschool Rescue. The course is packed with great short video with the transcript and accompanying audio available as well. There are meaty homework/workbook exercises and tons of resources to help you better trouble shoot your own homeschool. She helps bang on your armor and make sure you are ready for next year.

Homeschool Rescue covers the practicle aspects of homeschooling. The core foundational issues that can lead to the most frustration in your homeschool if they are not working.


Some of the items covered are:

  • Time Management
  • Planning Your Curriculum
  • Setting Your Students Up For Success
  • Teaching Older Students
  • And much more

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue


Homeschool Rescue in Now a Quick Once Over

There are plenty of areas where you are getting your armor thoroughly checked. The lesson dealing with follow through as a parent was a great check for me. I often get caught in the middle of my own problem because I have not followed through with my kids, in school, in consequences and in rewards.


There are plenty of areas we struggle with. I found Homeschool Rescue did a great job of covering some of the biggest topics deeply. We are not talking about a course that gives you a thin once over and leaves you to figure things out for yourself. Heather get in depth about how to make changes and to see what will work best for your family by following clear exercises she has created to go with each chapter.


What happens if you get stuck?

There is this amazing Facebook group that is made up of students just like you. Everyone is passionate about inproving their homeschool and more than willing to share what has worked for them in their homeschool. I found that the group was very supportive and Heather was vry involved through out the course to help people with their questions as well.


Will you buy it and forget it?

That will be very hard because Only Passionate Curiosity is passionate about keeping you on track. I got plenty of friendly emails as we went through the course. Some were updates or questions that others in the group and shared in the chat times. Every time I got one I was reminded that there was another video cued up and waiting or me to watch when I was ready.


Is your homeschool ready for a refitting?

Do you like the idea of an armor bearer coming along your side and making sure you are battle ready for next year? That is exactly how I felt when I started Homeschool Rescue and I still have some online goodies to go through yet. Check out the home page and see what other Moms are saying about the course for yourself.


Find Only Passionate Curiosity on your favorite platform and follow them now







Homeschool Rescue {Only Passionate Curiosity Reviews}
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