Review at the Click of Your Finger with Super Teacher Worksheets {review}

Review at the Click of Your Finger with Super Teacher Worksheets {review}

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Have your ever wished you could pull up an example of a concept you are working on with your child and print it for them? That is exactly what I have been doing over the last month with my Individual Membership to Super Teacher Worksheets.


 Super Teacher Worksheets

When do you run into the need for a work sheet? Daily, weekly? It seems like we are always running into something we need to look up and explain during our school day.

Last week we were talking about number families. We are working on learning our multiplication tables with the younger kids and I wanted to help them understand why both 5×9 and 9×5 had the same answer. I explained it but I wanted to be sure my kids were getting the concept in a way that would help them answer their math questions.


Could you find a worksheet for that?
Worksheets are a big help when you are trying to reinforce a math concept or if you are reviewing a tact that you have not needed for a while.

I pulled up this practice worksheet that showed number bonds and we got to see very clearly how each number was a part of the total answer. It helped them see multiplication problems in a new and different way. Suddenly they understood. It did not have to be written in a linear line to be a problem, and that little tweak helped them make the transition in their math drills.


Learning Through Play

We are planning a few new math games as well. I purchased some ink and card stock and that is all we need to be rolling. I might laminate my cards because I love my laminator but card stock is good enough too.


The first game is called “I have…Who has…”


The child with card one calls out, “I have 35, Who has 4×4?”

The student with the card with 16 would answer, “I have 16, Who has 10×3”

This action repeats through the entire chain of students (or cards)


The Second Game is called “SCOOT.”

In a class room setting you would lay out the cards on desks and give the students a minute to write the answer in their own answer grid before saying SCOOT. They would then move from desk to desk answering the questions on their grid to turn in. I think it would be a fun scavenger hunt to spread the cards throughout the house. The cards are already printed, all I need to do is get trimming. There are several versions of SCOOT to choose from so you could play no matter the age of your child.


 Super Teacher Worksheets

Keeping Hands Busy with Multiple Ages Learning Together

We also printed the math family factor cards to reinforce what we learned from our earlier bond sheet. The kids like that we have added more hands-on learning to our math time. This is especially helpful with our family, with multiple ages there are times when a child must wait to have a question answered. The flash cards and worksheets for practice are a great way to give the kids bonus work that is still fun.


For Language Arts

I noticed that our spelling test focuses on several word families each week. While my daughter was learning her words for the week I was looking for a way to help reinforce the letter sounds she is learning. The Super Teacher Worksheet Word Wheel is just the thing we needed. I printed the letter sound she is learning each week.

Reinforce for Mastery
Easy to print and ready to use helps are at your fingertips with Super Teacher Worksheets

Now, there is a fun review in her notebook for the week. The best part is that I can throw them in an accordion file and keep them for later in the year. I can pull them out any time we come across that blend or diagram again in our lessons.

Simple Learning Sheets Like These Will Be a Great Tool for You Too.

The sheet you need is a click away
The site is easily searchable to find exactly the worksheet that will help your child the most.

The site is easily searchable to find exactly the worksheet that will help your child the most. Everything is organized by subject, age and grade as well. I was able to find every sheet I needed including a review for Roman Numerals for my 6th grader. I plan on trying a couple of versions of SCOOT with our after school program as well.

Super Teachers Worksheets is a great resource for children’s groups as well. We always print worksheets for our kids and this makes it easy to pick them by grade. As a non-profit our budget is small, but $19.95 for the year is a great price to be able to pull worksheets for our students right from our phone if we need to. Any time a kiddo needs a break or some quiet space we can always have some fun learning sheets on hand for them.


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