One Way to Make Sure You Raise Smarter Kids

One Way to Make Sure You Raise Smarter Kids

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When I review tools for our homeschool there are three things I try to incorporate. One is early exposure to foreign language, like the kind my kids are getting with Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek – Level 3 Set from Greek 'n' Stuff. The others are exposure to many cultures with in depth exploration and the ability to dig into hands on learning and really go further when the kids show interest.

Of these three, I feel that the most important is exposure to another language. Which is why we are using Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek, this school year.


Hey, Andrew!Teach Me Some Greek!
As I researched early child development I was fascinated by the human brain and ways those years impact learning. The body is building neuro-pathways in the brain at a rapid rate in early childhood. This expansion is a race to build the infrastructure your child will use to store everything that they learn for the rest of their life. It is like the brain is building book shelves for every volume your child will ever read over their life time. Your child's capacity to learn as an adult can be maximized NOW, in the early learning years, by engaging in an enriched environment of music, language and exploritive play.

My older kids began learning Latin in the fifth grade. This revelation surprised many of my friends and family. I am not considered a scholar by any means, nor do either my husband or myself have a background in academia. Latin was the language that would help our kids learn where words are from and how they are formed. Latin provides the structure to make learning any language in that language family easier. We carried their foreign language studies into high school and each child has now fulfilled their college entrance requirements with Latin.

It will also challenge you like never before

New Kids and a New Approach

This year it was time to begin to introduce our younger students to a forigen language of their own. The curriculum we had used before was not going to fit this group of kids. They needed a different program.

Why Greek? I have been thinking about how we study the scriptures, how often I pull out my Interlinear Bible to get to the root of a text. I deeply enjoy learning the meaning of these words and gaining deeper contextual clues. I also have realized that the New Testament has many translations from the Greek manuscripts. Reading from several often gives me a better scope for what is being said, and sometimes they are so divided on a definition, I still have no clue! You've been there too, right?

That is why I am so glad I got to use Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek, over the summer. It has helped me find a way to give my kids the tools I don't have in my toll box as an adult. That is my goal as a parent, to leave behind kids that are a better version of myself. I am using it to teach Greek to my elementary group of kids for the upcoming school year for this and several reasons I will add here as well.

A Simplified Daily Lesson

Our former program was built out in chapter form with weekly word lists and reviews. It relied on heavier reading and flipping back and forth between lesson and answer pages. Teach Me, has a one-sheet, daily worksheet page and coordinating flash cards for review and practice. The flash cards and workbook they are printed in are the main component in the curriculum. Along with the workbook we use the Answer Key and pronunciation CD, because I am a beginner over here as well. We are really learning this together.



On a Side Note – Let me share my flash card hack for the lazy Super Efficient Mom


Easy to Track Individual Workbooks Keep Me From Chasing Paper

Since the workbooks are for one student and I love homeschool venders by honoring their copyright instructions, I will be ordering additional copies of the workbook for each child in our teaching group. I have found that over the years I actually save money and can find everyones work more readily if I order individual workbooks from the start. I might order a set of heavy stock flash cards on a binder ring if I wish to as well.


Greek 'n' Stuff


Pronunciation CD For Mastery and Ease in Review

Back in my last post about making car time "teaching time," here is another subject that you could include teaching time on the long errand day or on the way to the next sport event. The pronunciation CD makes it easy to review and learn from anywhere. We set up a little CD player on the far side of the school room where we can play our Bible Memorization CD or even audio books.

We never have to guess how a word is pronounced because every word is spoken for us to hear. This is great for our auditory learners. The CD covers Level 3 and 4, and at $10 is is a great value. You kids can get a jump start learning the Greek alphabet with the Alphabet song which goes a long way in helping learn the letter sounds and getting familiar with new characters.


Less Writing Means More Work Getting Done

I have learned that every lesson does not have to be a handwriting lesson, nor does it need to be a lesson that is graded for writing. All final work that comes to me is expected to be completely free of errors, but daily notebook work is where I give a lot of flex. This attitude has translated into my kids getting more done with less frustration for all of us.

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I love the Hey, Andrew! series because there is not a great deal of writing. The focus is on learning Greek and really Greek alone. I appreciate that and so do the kids. Let's face it, learning a new language is daunting enough. We are enjoying a workbook that is clear, short and uncomplicated. Even though I have a group this year that is a little harder to keep engaged, I am sure that this is going to be a great fit for them. This is all the work they need to do for the day. Then if is just flash card review, which should be more fun in a group for them.

Greek 'n' Stuff

Greek Can Unlock the Scriptures for Your Children

Finally, the deeper I read and learn from scripture, the more I long to know the meaning of words for myself. As a society, there is a trend to live the study of God's word to the "professionals." Just as Latin unlocked the roots of words they see every day, Greek can help unlock the roots of meaning in the original language of the Old Testament. If I can help equip my children to study and examine scripture for themselves then they can see the validity of the Word of God for themselves. There is no greater gift a parent can give than the ability to search out truth.

Acts 17:11 Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.12 As a result, many of them believed, as did also a number of prominent Greek women and many Greek men.



Teach Me Some Greek {Greek 'n' Stuff Reviews}

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