Prep for the dreaded SAT Essay with a Proven Writing Coach {review}

Prep for the dreaded SAT Essay with a Proven Writing Coach {review}

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I am never afraid of a subject in our homeschool, because I know there is the right tool out there for every need our homeschool has ever run up against. This year we are facing the much dreaded SAT essay, but I feel ready to begin with my daughter because of the Institute for Excellence in Writing and the in depth lessons that are covered in their High School Essay Intensive course.

You are not limited by your education
Prepping for a test your have never taken?

Having the right tools means never having to guess.

Guessing was exactly where I found myself this year. I was on my own. The SAT might as well be a foreign word. The whole concept is completely new to me. This is my first round of graduations. I can see how it could be intimidating. Many homeschoolers I know choose to end homeschooling after middle school because they feel ill equipped for all of the nuances of high school. That should never be the reason you choose to end homeschooling. Early this year, I started searching for tools because I knew I was going to need support to finish high school well.


That is why I am so passionate about finding the right tools for my family and yours. Even though I have never taken the SAT Essay or the complete battery of tests, I am not shrinking back. There has never been a better time to homeschool because of the abundance of resources that are available for every need and learning style.


Looking for Help for Your Writer?

I found the Institute for Excellence in Writing last year, and read about the founder, author and director, Andrew Pudewa at our local Homeschool convention. As a parent of a writer, I was interested in a program that could help push my writer to the next level. IEW has online classes where your student can get live feedback and instruction.


We used the High School Essay Intensive Course and this review could not be more perfectly timed. My daughter is graduating, but intends to take some classes through the local school for college credit. IEW was a great format to do some intensive writing and review different essay structures. Next semester, she will be confident and prepared to succeed.


A great teacher makes a great class.


We recently used a video math course. The set up was a class of 5th graders throughout the program. Each of my kids commented that the teacher seemed angry or unfriendly. I had noticed the same thing and was instantly put off, but didn’t mention it to my kids. Don’t be fooled, WHO is teaching a class does make a difference.

From the first STREAMING video to the instructional DVD I knew I was in good hands. Andrew Pudewa is a masterful communicator. He teaches with just enough humor to keep myself and my teen engaged. He is very serious about writing and what it takes to be good at it, but he presents in a way that is not dry or boring.

The High School Essay Intensive course will prepare my daughter for her first run at the SAT essay. It was so thorough and well communicated that after a few lessons she feels very confident to take her practice test. More importantly I feel like she is ready for her classes next year.


Your student will never feel lost or left behind during the course


The seminars are well paced with instruction, then writing prompts, followed by review. The newest classes from IEW cover the new ACT essay test and the redesigned SAT essay. If you are like me and have never taken the tests, or if you feel like you student needs to complete the essay portion for their field of interest, I would not pass up using this program.


If you are near Iowa, Andrea Pudewa, is teaching Excellence In Writing’s High School Essay Intensive, live at the Homeschool Iowa Conference, Thursday, June 1st, 2017. I am looking forward to meeting him personally and thanking him for giving my daughter the skills to take college classes with confidence.


Definitely add their pod cast for great information as well.

High School Essay Intensive {Institute for Excellence in Writing Reviews}
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