What if Your Homeschool Kid Needs a Math Teacher

What if Your Homeschool Kid Needs a Math Teacher

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This month we were able to review a math teaching tool unlike any other we had used before: UnLock Math. We used UnLock Pre-Algebra for my new to middle school student to get a gauge of our math readiness for the coming school year. What we got was so much more than an assessment, I think we found a new math curriculum for the coming school year and the answer to my mulit-sensory kids needs in a video based learning tool.

UnLock Math pre-algebra

Faces Matter, In Learning There is Nothing Like a Teacher to Lead a Student

If I say it once, I say it 100 times a day, “let me see your face.” I usually say it when I am dishing out chore lists to my teens as they pretend like they have hit pause on their video games, (it is summer) or watching their favorite series before the internet goes off for the afternoon. When I have their face; fully gazing into my own, I know that I have their full attention.

I have two students who are very auditory/visual. They do great if I teach the concepts but tend to lose focus with their lessons if there is no face to make a connection with. If you have a large family like myself, teaching each and every lesson of every subject might not be a possibility and given my math prowess, it is just unwise. I need a pro working for me.

UnLock Math is different rom any other course that we have taken because there is a “live” teacher up in front of the class. I noticed that this made a huge difference for my kids who had trouble focusing on text only or audio only lessons. Though it was my daughter who would be taking the whole course this year, I had my older children audit the course lessons to give their input. They all thought the lessons were easy to understand, even though many of the concepts were new. I found UnLock Math’s Pre-Algebra to be a much more comprehensive course than any we have tried in the past.


The real deal makers are built into this comprehensive program and make it accessible for my kids to learn from

Easy to Follow and Navigate Lesson Plans

As you can see from the Unit 4 navigation page below, you simply click the block for the lesson you have unlocked and begin. You don’t have to remember your place or keep track of your homework. Everything is housed right here on the website. Every lesson builds on previous concepts so your student is literally UnLocking the keys to every lesson as they progress chronologically through the full school year of lessons.

This is not a review or a supplemental program. This is a full scale, stand-alone, comprehensive math course. Complete with instructions, Parent Access Panel, and on-line resources and help.


Math With an Actual Instructor Means More Engagement

There is something about human eye contact that keeps people’s attention longer. We are drawn to faces over any other object, so it is natural that a lesson that includes a teacher is going to excel where a text page will lack the interest level necessary to draw  your student in deeper. The instructor for UnLocking Pre-Algebra was warm, engaging and just humorous enough with out being off-putting. My kids enjoyed her explanations and most importantly, she did not speak too rapidly. If you should get lost or need to take a break there is one advantage to having a recorded lesson, you can pause the whole lecture. Don’t you just wish you could have done that in college?


Clean and Simple Lesson Fields and Less Distractions

We truly enjoyed the white board technology they utilized for teaching. It made it easy to follow the lesson without jumping from screen to screen. The teacher simply wrote on the screen in front of you as needed, making the lessons seamless and clear. With Math, we have found the less distractions, the better. UnLock does a great job of balancing the need for visual aids and the need to keep the viewing field relatively distraction free.

Every lesson has some simple math warm-up problems, the core lesson followed by practice problems and challenge questions to keep sharp. Reviews and tests follow the heels of each unit as they are completed.



A Plan You Can Both Stick To

With the pacing guide, everything is lined out for you and your student. This makes scheduling easy and helps you keep your student accountable with their calendar. You always have access to see how your student is doing in the Parent Panel. You never have to guess if your child is “getting it” ever again. The Pacing Guide also helps you to know what your student is learning each week and help them look for outside of class room experiences that might compliment their weeks lessons.




Are you Looking For a Math Solution This Year for High School?

UnLock Pre-Algebra was comprehensive and had a broader scope than math curriculums we have used in the past. The lessons were well taught and relatable, stretching concepts while building on each lesson so that comprehension remained well within the students grasp. This is the program I will be using next year. You can use my code CLICK HERE to receive $50 off a full year curriculum. UnLock  Math offers courses in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and is soon releasing UnLock Geometry, so there is a upper level math that is right for you. UnLock Math also offers a sibling discount of 50% off of each additional student which is great for families like me with multiple high school students at the same time.

Check out more reviews here from the Homeschool Review Crew and follow UnLock Math on their social sites at Facebook, Twitter and don’t miss them on Pinterest.


Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry {UnLock Math Reviews}

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