Monday Morning Kind of Math {Crew Review}

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Mondays are hard, like, everyone has a lost book or binder and wants to know where I put it, hard. Thank goodness I can use our Family Membership to have the kids log on and begin CTCMath every day including crazy Monday mornings.

We can start the day with a quick lesson; the videos are usually 6-10 minutes long followed by a series of about 12-15 questions.



The thing I love is the price. Math programs are expensive for families with multiple ages. Buying multiple consumables in different grade levels is always the biggest expense for our homeschool.

Try as I might to combine kids, it never seems to be a good fit. CTCMath allows me to purchase their family plan for less than the previous program I was using for one student.


For $118 for the whole year I can get the specific grade appropriate math for each kid in the house. Not sure where they should be? No problem. CTCMath has a placement test for your students so you can be sure that you are putting them i the right level.

It was a bit more hands on for me than other programs. There is a bit of clicking to get to the lessons if your student navigates through the child’s page. Once I got a hang of the parents interface though, I was able to assign lessons to each individual child. They could log in through their student page and find exactly the lesson to begin each morning.

It took a little bit of a learning curve but once I understood how it worked was really simple to assign everybody their tasks. The kids could then log on directly to the student page and find their task waiting for them each day.

On the parent page I got detailed reports about each students progress and concepts that they were covering. The reports were not only for myself but also each student gets a full report at the end of their lesson showing them how they did.

You can set the pass threshold for lessons. For my kids, if they have scored 80% or above they may continue to the next lesson. If they did not they had to answer additional problems or retry the lesson altogether.

Each lesson also has a printable one page PDF that shows the concept covered in the lesson. These are a great way for them to begin keeping a math binder. Each page is a ready reference for concepts they have covered and will need to review for new lessons.

These pages were extremely helpful for visual students that like to see the concept on paper in front of them. For kinesthetic students immediate feedback on every question helps keep them on track and since the lessons are on video are visual and auditory students work well with this program too.
The only downfall I can see is that the lessons are extremely short and the question portion is equally brief. If your child needs extra practice there always additional lesson questions that they can take for further learning for review.

I do see that this is a great program for a child who just doesn’t have the patience to fill out an entire textbook page of math questions.

Overall I was extremely satisfied with CTC math and think this could be a great program if you want a faster paced math lesson while still using robust teaching methods while not wasting time with a bunch of redundant problems.

We used the lower and upper elementary age classes but I was interested to take a peek at the high school levels as well. I found the lessons engaging pleasantly short and the questions were on key with all of the concepts that were taught in the video.

I was able to follow the lesson answer the questions and it was probably the best math class I have ever taken because of the bervity. But I was definitely a kid who was overwhelmed by giant page of math questions. I was relieved whenever we were able to cross out a set or two.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Make The Change…

If you were frustrated with the program you were currently using or haven’t quite found a fit for your larger family that meet your budget CTC math might be the best answer and it certainly is the best value out there. There is no risk because you can try it now with their free trial. Check it out and let me know what you think.

CTCMath Online Math Tutoring {Reviews}
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