Looking For a Packaged Lit Program to Jump Into Now {Crew Review}

Looking For a Packaged Lit Program to Jump Into Now {Crew Review}

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It is almost winter, the time when a lot of us homeschoolers decide that the literature curriculum we ordered this summer isn’t working with our student. Writing with Sharon Watson has a series that just might be what you are looking for; it’s called Illuminating Literature: Characters in Crisis and is may just be the help for your curriculum crisis as well. It happens to all of us at sometime in our homeschooling career. Maybe you love the curriculum you are using for your Junior High student but are making a plan of high school. I love the these are so easy to follow. This is a huge factor for gaining independence.

Illuminating Literature: Characters in Crisis

You Want You Child to Dig Deeper with Literature

My newest high school student was not raised in the literature rich environment the older kids were used to. Instead of afternoon and bedtime stories; he caught the tail end of read-alouds as he was racing through our school room at a thousand miles an hour. Getting his to even read was a challenge. He struggled through all of elementary.

Now that he is back on track I have struggled to find a curriculum that would really help him read with an analytical eye and has a component that would help him get his writing on track.

Characters in Crisis could not have come to us at a better time

I was having a hard time getting my son to understand the assignments in his online school, so we decided to pull his LA and use this composition and Literature curriculum by Sharon Watson instead.

They Are Ready to Work Alone but Need A Guide

My son likes to have very clear expectations.

The instructions for each lesson are in one place right in the text book. He can follow the daily instructions and write his answers right in the book. This choice works for me because this child can get a bit…distracted.

Having the answers written in the book helps me to see that he has done his daily work. You can download the free Student Novel Note Book which is really fun. The best part is the online quizzes. They are FREE with the course. The password is in the book for each test and quiz.

You can log your student on to get the hang of it. They ask for an email so if you have to jump out you don’t lost your place, but that is not the best part. They email you back a full report with the questions, your answers, the correct answers, and your score It is all sent to the email address you sign in with.

Cut out the Middle Man with Sharon Watson’s FREE Quiz

Get your kids used to working for someone other than you. That is one of the biggest challenges of homeschooling. Your kids will give their all to a coach or a class they chose to be in, but often we spend our school time pulling to get stuff done. This is one less item that depends on your opinion or involvement.

Illuminating Literature: Characters in Crisis

Getting Them Ready for That Transition to Independent Work Sooner

Putting your teens in the driver seat every chance you get. I love the final projects at the end of each chapter. There is a ton of choice to fit every skill and learning style. There are many ways to express what you have learned and I like how Sharon Watson has chosen to allow students to pick items that are not just writing.

Let your kids show their creative sides and they might just surprise you. My son already has asked some pretty surprising questions, is digging deeper in his research and is planning on doing any project that is NOT written for the remainder of the course. There is plenty of writing in the lessons themselves that I know he is getting just the right amount of writing, reading and inspiration for my homeschool.

Building Vocabulary Through Literature

I am a word hound. I was the kids who read the dictionary and loved finding new words. I was like Templeton the rat in Charlotte’s Web always looking for the right word. Every reading is followed by a quiz, Opinion Survey and a Literary Terms Quiz. The reading selections are definitely challenging and guaranteed to be engaging. The theme of our Course is Characters in Crisis. These are the reading selections.

Reading that will challenge and storie that will keep your readers engaged

The goal here it have your kids gain understanding of the texts they are reading. The vocabulary words are true $2 words. Your student will be stretched and strengthened by every reading activity to help support their learning.

Writing with Sharon Watson

Get you homeschool teen reading critically, and independently by the end of the school year with Illuminating Characters. Check out the website and sign up for FREE writing prompts. Want to see more? Check out Facebook and Pinterest

Illuminating Literature: Characters in Crisis {Writing with Sharon Watson Reviews} 
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