Learning to Write Neatly with Channie’s

Learning to Write Neatly with Channie’s

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Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks are just what we needed as we move up in math skill. We are reviewing the One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook – 1st to 3rd to get my daughter’s math pages on track. If your child’s writing is sloping, lifting or smashed together you are going to want to read our whole review.


As an adult, I often receive compliments on my handwriting. If only people knew the terrible way I came by my neatness. You would understand why I am trying to help my kids create good writing habits.

Improve Math Performance by Reducing Errors

In early elementary I did not score well in mathematics. Often, my common mistake was transposing numbers. My mom would help me, but my math homework sheet would make it nearly impossible. Numbers were crammed together. Problems were not written in order, and too close together to finish the work. If we were working on long division, forget about it. Try as she might to get me to make neater math pages, it was not showing improvement.

Getting better work out of our kids takes guidance, patience and a little help from Channie’s can’t hurt.

Help Your Kids Begin Well or Start All Over Again

One day she made me copy the entire page over. There were many tears. No one wants to re-do their math homework. The next day she did the same thing. Every time my math work was sloppy and disarranged I would have to re-copy my work neatly. It did not take me very long to catch on. I began creating space for each problem in my math pages. I stopped numbering my page before I did each problem and let the problem dictate how much space was necessary. I forced myself to work with care and attention.

Visual Help for Getting the Results You Both Desire

If I had started on a page like Channie’s Math workbook, I could have skipped that whole homework fiasco. On the grid like problems your child won’t carry a number over to the wrong place or mix some tens into the one’s place while adding them.


I started to enjoy the neatness of the page. I liked my clean problems. The added benefit of a neat page is that my teachers could now see where I made mistakes and help to correct my errors. I made less errors with writing my numbers because the page was not a jumble of letters and numbers.

Learning to be neat in my math work improved my handwriting.

Clean and neat math work led me to want my writing to be clean on the notebook page as well. I began really working on my handwriting. It is an obsession I carried into adulthood. As a graphic designer I value the clean page and white space like I never did as a child.

Letters and Numbers Neatly in Their Places With Channie’s Visual Guide

Set a standard for your child to follow with these simple guide pages.

These are Great For the Slow Writer as Well

They make a great times drill for older kids who you would like to work on writing faster. My second son was great at math but SO slow at writing his numbers it was painful. I gave him math drill pages and actually encouraged him to write as sloppy as he needed to improve his writing speed.

Using a page with grid lines helped him to work as fast as possible without getting lost. The Guide page helped him focus on the problem and writing the answers where they needed to go. It seemed so strange for me to be teaching a kid to be sloppy, but it was what he needed to improve his writing speed overall.

Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks {Reviews}
Where is your student? Sloppy or neat. Slow or fast writing speed? If you are looking for a page that can help with letter spacing or correct those floating lines you will really like the Visual Handwriting and Math Workbooks from Channie.

Maybe your child will be as inspired by the beauty of neat writing as I am.

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