Leading Little Hearts to Jesus with Breadcrumbs of Love

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As a leader of an elementary after school program and a mother of young kids, I was so glad to get to review a special Halloween Tract that could also contain a little treat. The set of 20, 3D pumpkin tracts from Let the Little Children Come answers the greatest question of the season in the I There Anything Better Than Candy? Box Tract. It is a great way to connect a holiday that many Christians avoid with the story of Jesus and His great love for us. This little project offers much more than the little treat you can tuck on the inside.


Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract

Children Need to Hear in Their Language, one where Treats and Candy= Love!

Growing up in the Church community has given me a complicated relationship with Halloween. I have had to come to my own standard for my family but as a leader of a Children’s Ministry, I know that we need to find ways to connect kids to Christ whenever we can get the opportunity.

It will also challenge you like never before
Don’t be caught unaware. There are a million opportunities to direct kids to Jesus.

These Little Kits Save Time and Show You Care

Last year we cut what over 1,000 strips of paper and helped the kids assemble a pumpkin craft for our after school program. It was well received and fun to do but we were very rushed to do the project in the short time frame we have for crafts. Many of our younger students lacked the dexterity to do the project unaided and needed more help from leaders.


Easy to pop out and assemble for any school age child

Like it or not, a Halloween Track is a Huge Opportunity for Child Evangelism

When I opened the Track Box kit from Let the Little Children Come, I knew that this would be our project for this years fall activities. Many of our kiddos come from non-church attending homes. They need as many touches to hear the gospel message as possible. Halloween is a huge opportunity to share the story of Christ and His love with every little open hand that knocks at your door.

It was not too hard for little learners to follow the picture instructions

We can use these in our Sunday School and After School Programs as well.

To be sure I had each of my kids who were in the younger age groups follow the instructions that were printed on the track it’s self. Each of them finished it in just a short time with on troubles. The very best part is that we can tuck a little treat inside for our kids to take home.

Just the right size for a little treat too!

These are so reasonably price that I really hope our neighborhoods are flooded with small treat tracts like these. Never forget that the love language of children is giving and listening. I pray you do both in such a way that you lead little ones to Christ in your everyday life too.


Is There Anything Better Than Candy? {Let The Little Children Come Reviews}
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