Sneak a Little More Good Stuff into Your Kids Reading Books {review}

Sneak a Little More Good Stuff into Your Kids Reading Books {review}

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You know when you are holding a high quality book in your hands, that was what I felt as I unboxed the Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, a part of the Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series.

Adventures of Rush Revere

These Books Will Stand The Test of Time

They aren’t just pretty. The high level of quality didn’t end at the beautifully illustrated book jacket. It carried beyond the library bound, cloth covered
hardcovers, righ onto the glossed, heavy-weight, parchment toned, quality paper. Quality. It was poured into every aspect of this series.  The stories between the end pages matched the quality I was looking forward to from an author as passionate as Rush Limbaugh. What ever you might think about his radio persona, the man loves history and is crazy passionate about getting it into the hands of young readers. The characters and locations he and Kathryn chose for each book cary us right through the whole book series. They even lead us to the Two If By Tea website to answer some fun trivia questions about the first book.

Why Choose Historical Novels if We Already Read Our History

Recently I had brownies at my mom’s house. She wanted to make sure we all tested them for her because it was a new recipe. After we confirmed how delicious they were she told us their secret ingredient: black beans. I know the health benefits of black beans and so does my mother they’re filled with vitamins, loaded this healthy, heart-loving fiber and micro-nutrients your body needs. I also know that brownies do not carry the same nutritional pedigree. Since my mom’s black bean brownies were as tasty as they were nutritious I was thrilled to add the recipe to my list.

Historical novels like the Rush Revere books, add fiber and nutrients to your child’s leisure reading time. Limbaugh weaves a swiftly moving story with historical events and characters in a format that is easily palatable to a junior high student. Like black bean brownies: if they taste too good to put down, your kids will eat ’em.

Not Every Book Should Be For Learning, Create Balance for Your Kids

I know I have failed on the side of being too strict with our reading before and burnt my kids out on educational materials. We can also get it the same ditch when our children read nothing but fiction novels and teen drama stories. If your hearts desire is to bring your child to love reading good books with valuable information, then you have to give them stories they will love.


This series is a great way to turn the tide in their leisure reading. Each book is beautifully illustrated with just enough pictures per page to capture a young readers interest and keep them turning pages see what is coming up on the next page. There is a great variety of graphic components. Illustrated pictures as well as historical documents and photographs of artifacts are referred to in the stories are scattered throughout.


Though the story lines are familiar from our history lessons, telling them in this first hand, personal narrative format gives the reader a sense of being present in historical times and places.  This series walks the reader through the events leading up to and through the American revolution. The titles cover the subjects of The Brave Pilgrims, Star Spangled Banner, First Patriots, American Revolution, and The Presidency. Reading them all would give your kids a well digested version of the history of America, seeing what children like themselves would see if they had their own time traveling historian with a passion for people and places.

Looking A Gift Horse Right in The Mouth

I asked my 11-year-old son to tell me what he thought of the books. When he mentioned there was a talking horse that lead children back in history I had to stop him. He just turned 13, so I wanted to know what he thought; if it seemed silly. He said oddly enough the way it was written it made perfect sense. It was not a distraction and actually a great way to carry the story between the different historical events. We all know and love C.S. Lewis, so bring on the talking horses.


Making History Everyone’s Favorite Subject is the Aim of These Books

I appreciate the desire to present history in a way that is appealing to younger students yet not destroying the authenticity of the historical facts and struggles that settlers of those times faced. The Rush Revere Series has a wide range of appeal, which makes them a smart buy. I will read them out loud to my 7 to 9-year-old next year while we cover American History . My 11 and 13-year-old were easily able to read the books for themselves and enjoyed the series very much.

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You can find more information about the whole series and other projects Rush Revere is working on at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and you can read more reviews in the link below.

Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series {Reviews}
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