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My first born graduates in May and just announced that he DOES want to attend college instead of wait a year…in March. I did not panic because I was given access to review SpeedyPrep the online CLEP prep experts. With their guarantee I knew he could bang out some college credits by the end of the school year. Now that I has seen the program in action, I am thinking about working on my degree as well.

This school year our kids completed Government and Economics and last year we did an extensive review of American History.  The experts and SpeedyPrep recommend that you have completed the high school equalivent of the course you wish to a study for the CLEP test.


What is a CLEP test?

A CLEP test, in simplified terms, is a test you can take that proves you have mastery of a subject. It is like passing the final. You are awarded the credits for that class, just like if you had sat there every Tuesday night. But you didn’t, you studied a series of flash card prompts and watched videos in the convenience of you own home. Probably while you were frantically trying to tie up your Senior year and play Spring Baseball, like my son. Or raising a family, schooling your kids at home and dreaming about what you want to be when you grow up like me.

By taking the CLEP test for the subject he covered in high school my son can actually have the equalivent of a first year of college in credits for a tiny fraction of the cost. Testing runs about $100 per CLEP test and when you pass you are awarded the college credits the class is valued at.


I have never had a graduate before, are you in the same boat?

I thought I had more time, but here we are at graduation. I bet the same thing happened to you or could have. Since you are reading this you are going to be much more prepared than I am. SpeedyPrep can be your guide through the transition from high school to college.

I just signed up for their Speedy Prep Perks; which gave me access to the best kept secrets in education and cost of living discounts through Making Education Possible. I have just begun to work through this bonus, but I am shocked that this is a FREE bonus for my membership. There is an automated degree plan which you can use to plan for the future with your students as well as tools to work on a degree in an accelerated timeframe. The bottom line is every tool will help your and your student save time and money. They can get on to the life they have been hoping and planning for sooner and so can you.


So How Does It Work?

Your student logs on and chooses the courses they would like to begin prepping for. With 24 subjects to choose from there is a broad spectrum of coverage for every Major. From there they just log on and follow the proven flash card sequences to maximize memorization and retention of information. There are many videos along the way the increase comprehension and give context to the teaching. SpeedyPrep’s proven flash card approach helps students retain the facts they need to pass the CLEP test. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back it up.

My son likes the classes well enough to check in when he has some free time to do a session because he knows they are short. He was shocked that there was no book work. This has probably been the best thing about SpeedyPrep. We could not have used the classes during this busy season if the classes weren’t structured this way. The Speed makes these classes fit into ANY schedule. Even Senoir year.

How can you be really ready?
We always think there is more time, and now we are looking at a graduation gown hanging in our closet.

The only draw back is that if we take the same class, we can only be logged into one computer of device at a time and the program can only track one student’s progress. This has not been a problem for us because we have very different study times and different subjects. My son can even access SpeedyPrep from his smart phone. Isn’t that smart! You can truly learn anywhere. Do you still have questions? Read their FAQ page to learn more HERE


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