“The Gospel” is Where History Comes to Life in Your Homeschool

“The Gospel” is Where History Comes to Life in Your Homeschool

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We read the Gospels and we read our history; but wouldn’t you love to go deeper? Check out this review to see how Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” takes our family to places we have never seen before. 

Drive Thru History is a High End Production

Have you ever been embarrassed, as you tried to get your kids to watch a “Christian” film on to find out the audio was a terrible, the film work was shaky and the whole mess was poorly edited. There are plenty of “B” level productions passing themselves off as educational. As if we homeschoolers have lower standards when it comes to entertainment and cinematography. When I was offered to use the DVD set of Drive Thru History® I knew I was in for a treat. These are true professional quality films. Masterfully edited with perfect audio quality. I want to know that I am shelling out my cash for a great product and the Drive Thru History DVD’s pass with flying colors.


My Son Chose Drive Thru For His History Enrichment

We are members of a subscription site and Drive Thru History is a featured product there. My son watched a few episodes in the American History series and loved it. He told me so much about what he learned with details that showed he was listening. When he continued to tell me all about them through the week, I knew we needed to add them to out future watch list.

Drive Thru History The Gospels

The Whole Set Came in a Beautiful Sturdy Slip Cased Book Format

Not a member of a subscription site? No problem, because the DVD set I reviewed was a stand alone set. This is no cheap mass produced set either. The beautiful, slip-covered set is bound like a sturdy book. Inside are housed the three DVD’s that cover the 18 part series. In the center you will find a straight forward study guide for each 30 minute episode with a short summary and discussion questions for each chapter.


I love that Drive has met the demand for quality production
Investing in high quality programs is one way that I convey that I value the message of the gospels. My kids are watching what I value with my time and dollars.


Gather Everyone Up For the Adventure

We all gathered in the morning to snuggle on the couch a couple days a week and watched the episodes from “The Gospel” set, and then shared a short discussion time afterward. The series cover the life of christ and visit the locations that are mentioned in the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We witnessed the route taken by Mary and Joseph and the little town of Bethlehem where their babe was born. We entered the home of a first century shepherd and learned how they keep the sheep safe at night. The desserts where Jesus prayed, the sea where the fishermen first met Him, and the River Jordan are some of the physical locations we followed all of the way to the empty tomb. We touched pieces of history and archaeological witnesses to this ancient time with Dave as our guide.


Bring your family the gospel message in a whole new way

“The Gospel” DVD from Drive Thru History would make a great bible time for younger children as well as older. This set would also be perfect for children’s ministry. The videos are the perfect length for a service and the questions are beige and clear but helpful to get your kids to recap for themselves. I know so many homeschool parents are involved in Sunday School and Children’s Ministry. I love when I find a tool I can use in my homeschool and that I can share with my church class room as well. Drive Thru History is definitely one of those products.

It Takes Three Disks to Cover All of the Material

With nine hours of high quality video, we didn’t just burn through this like some short lived Netflix series. Every one of my kids was engaged from beginning to the end. From my 5 year old to my teens, they were all captivated by the engaging retelling of the gospels though the eyes of the modern world.


Now when we read they have a picture in their head of the places they have seen
With a little humor and a ton of interesting facts, Dave makes history come alive to your little ones.

Dave Stotts is a perfect host. He is engaging without being overly goofy. The kids enjoyed his sincere approach to the retelling of the Gospel stories. He was also funny enough to keep them laughing as he lost his keys and met with various obstacles while filming on the other side of the world. Yet his retelling of the Gospel message was clear and powerful.

Seeing History Come Alive Has Made My Children Want to See These Places in the World Like Never Before

Seeing the places where Jesus walked is an experience many of us will never have the privilege of having. Through the Drive Thru History series my children were inspired to dream about such places. Knowing these links to ancient history are really here in this modern age had them talking about what it would be like to visit there one day.

See the world with your kids
Take a journey with Dave and see the place the gospel were born without leaving your living room

I know they would’ve never entered this discussion from just reading the bible. Seeing the beautiful footage and hearing the expanded history gave them a greater vision than I ever could have given them alone. I am so grateful we were able to watch the whole series together as a family. We all learned so much and were inspired to think of the gospel stories in new light.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring history to life with Dave and Drive Thru History. 

You can also check out the Drive Thru History® site and choose a series that supplements what you are studying this year. Other titles available are; The Holy Land, American History, Ancient History.
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