Chasing our dreams while chasing our kids! What that looks like for a mom who writes.

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You might be wondering why there are so many reviews on the blog and a lot less devotional writing.


It has everything to do with my personal goals as a writer and homeschool supporter.


My goal is to become an author. It has been…probably all of my life. One of the areas of life I feel like I have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can really help people is in the area of homeschooling and family living.


We have had an awesome opportunity to write articles for the Sonlight blog. I am honored to be in the company of some amazing homeschool families over there. The Sonlight community is full of great parents who are striving to give their kids the education they wish they had.


There is always a wealth of kind insight on this Facebook group for Sonlight parents. I often jump in and answer any questions I can, as a veteran Sonlight user having gone through all the Cores K-12.


We are getting ready to unpack from a long vacation and launch back into homeschool life. This year I am working hard on setting clear goals for myself. How about you?


Does comparison get you second guessing when you should be celebrating?


Check out the latest article on The Sonlight blog about setting the bar for your homeschool and how setting goals that fit your family will help you avoid discouragement.


When you get some time; read the rest of the articles, and don’t forget to bookmark the blog. I contribute posts twice a month and always look forward reading wisdom from other homeschool family’s experiences. I am  challenged and encouraged by what I read there.


Hit share on what you like to get your favorites in front of families you know who are homeschooling to encourage and help them reach their goals. We all need to hear a good word from time to time.


Don't get lost, grow weary or lost sight of your goal
For any good journey, you need a map. I’ve created a page that will lead me on my homeschool journey as well

Do you need a good word in due season? Did you know I wrote a course to help you create a road map for your specific homeschool needs? You know your school best. No one can help your homeschool more than you. In our course we walk you through how by doing short morning exercises in your journal.  In a short time will build a plan that you can refer to from Kindergarten to College. The best part is, the plan is custom taylored for your homeschool.


In a few weeks you can see real changes because you identified the six roadblocks that wreck your homeschool experience. Your  course walks you through how to bring joy back into your homeschool and start loving and learning as a family. Sign up and start today.

Don’t waste one more school year wishing you had done better. Get equipped. Make your own roadmap with In Due Season.


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