Being the Hands and Feet will Wreck Your Plans…for the Better

Being the Hands and Feet will Wreck Your Plans…for the Better

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I am reading Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker with a group of friends. She talks about Gods call to actually reach the world for Him. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked and serve the poorest among us.

The problem that I run into is that the world is so big, I am so small.

Inaction happens when I fail to move in even little tiny steps. We cannot feed all of the starving children. I can not even be nice to my own every day, I am failing at doing the work even on the smaller scale. We, followers of Jesus, have got to allow God to do a work in us. Heal us, empower us, so that the small tasks of obedience are not road blocks to the bigger work.

You were made for a larger work. I was made for a larger work. There is a world that need to see a different kind of Christian. Not ones that screams from the sidelines, but Christians who lean in and whisper into the ear of the wounded on the field. Saying,”You are beloved by God. You are His child.”

Today I am asking, “Lord, what is my action?” Help me see beyond the walls I’ve built. Help me break down any wall that keeps the truth of who you are from the world. And make me see bigger, larger, outward. Amen.


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