How to Avoid Getting Lost on Your Homeschool Journey

How to Avoid Getting Lost on Your Homeschool Journey

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Traveling alone doesn’t have to be terrifying.

Last summer I traveled alone for the first time in 16 years. It was ridiculous, how nervous I was. I have flown several times, just recently before that, but I on those trips I had someone else leading me. In life there are so many things that are on you. Every twist and turn it brings you can quickly exhaust you and make you feel overwhelmed.

Because I knew I was going to be in charge of getting where I needed to be, I made some special preparations.

This was a solo trip, it was on me to make it safely to my destination. Because I am a frugal (cheap) traveler, my journey was split up between three separate planes, and then a 40-minute cab ride. And as luck would have it, both of my layovers were less than 40 minutes in huge, unfamiliar airports.

I knew I would have to plan for where I was headed as soon as I landed. Not trusting in my phone alone, I printed my itinerary and plane tickets for handy reference. I kept them close by. Ok, I clenched it in my fist for most of the journey. This paper was my life line to getting there.

My itinerary was my life line to getting where I wanted to be

Whenever I was nervous, or when we were heading to the next leg of my fights, I would pull out my itinerary and mentally check where I was, and where I wanted to be. I could see that I was getting closer to my destination at every leg of the journey.

You “Why” page is exactly like that itinerary

This is the purpose of my “Why” page for my homeschool; a place to gauge our travels and make sure we are getting nearer our destination or goals. Some places call it your purpose statement, goals or value statement. It is a statement that will be true for all of the years that you homeschool. A directive that you can refer back to on those days when you feel like graduation is so far away and the airport is confusing. My page is what I pull out every time I want to quit. We all want to quit sometimes. Your “Why” page should remind you about what gave you the initial passion to shift your whole world, jump over conventional wisdom and do something radically different for your family.

I would love to hear about what keeps you focused and engaged on the hard days. What is your vision for your schooling? Maybe you have never really thought about it. Next week I will share a little more about our “Why” page and how we created it.

Until then start thinking about what your “Why” looks like.



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