I would like to tell you a bit about who I am, I think you will find you and I have quite a bit in common. I’ve been mothering for nearly 18 years and I have been many different Mommas over that time. Which stage of Motherhood are you in? See if you find any of theses stages familiar.

I am a full-time homeschool Mom.

You gave up certain privileges, like respect from co-workers, lunches out and a regular pay check to stay home and teach your kids. You might be wondering, “What have I done?” You’re reading this so I can tell you, that feeling, it’s totally normal. It goes away when the kids are in their second year of college. What I’ve learned over the 12 years of schooling at home, is that you and I were made for this. You don’t need to know everything right now because every resource you need is available to ensure you succeed. The most important truth is this; no one cares more about helping your child flourish than you. This is your chosen occupation, your calling and you can rock this.

I’ve been the first time Mom swimming in the newness of it all.

People are giving you advice. What you really hear is a lots of people you love and respect, telling you how you might screw all of this up. Friends and family, people who love your kids and want the best for all of you, are offering their advice, but it is crushing. You are beginning to doubt you instincts. The wind that filled your sails is not carrying you away from this sinking fear fast enough. You are struggling up river, I’ve been there. I’ve learned to trust my wit and use my strengths. I’ve learned to be understanding and to pray. Knowing your end destination is the most important key to success. There are many boulders in our way. I’ll tell you about the ones that I’ve hit and those I’ve narrowly avoided. We can share the wind for a while.

Are you a Mom that has been schooling for a while?

Things are finally falling into place. You have the system working and dinner in the crock pot, and you feel like you have a little more to give. You want to be stretched. Something is stirring that feels like discontent, but you are happy. You are wondering where God could be leading you. I know that itchy feeling of growth. I’ve learned to follow my passions while loving my family well. God is stretching me further every day. I am a writer. It is my passion. I encourage you to take an inventory or your interests and start playing with them. Find what brings you joy and nurture your creative soul. The homeschooling for eternity stage of Motherhood.

You have been homeschooling for what seems like an eternity

Even though right now you can’t remember what you served for breakfast yesterday, and served might be an overstatement because Pop-Tarts mostly serve themselves. You’ve hit “boiling point.” What I called the “long, hot shower season” of homeschooling. You’ve threatened the kids with “the yellow bus” more times than you want to admit and have a collection of boarding school brochures to peruse while you hide in the bathroom. Oh, sister, have I been there. As a willful child of homeschooling parents, high school drop out, reluctant-homeschooler, college grad, and mother to 10 homeschooled kids of my own, there is no fit known to man I have not experienced. There’s no stage I’ve been so graced to miss.

Along the way, I have learned a ton. God made me a good communicator and by His wisdom and grace I will share my experiences. We can laugh and cry and struggle through the hard times together. If you are looking for someone to tell you life going to be fine, you’ve got the wrong girl. But I will say, you will be fine. You’re gonna find out just how strong you are, and you are not even going to believe it.

In Motherhood, we are the new unintentional Homeschoolers.

The road that we have chosen has surprised us a little. Instead of that being a roadblock, we are jumping in blind. I did not get my early childhood education certificate. I did’t have time to establish a side career that would bring in additional cash as I left the workforce. We had no nest egg and our nest was in shambles. This was not exactly my life plan. I once planned on having a full back tattoo of  a peacock and living in a sexy loft with chrome and glass furniture. I have instead; a bread maker, dogs, 10 kids and a life that looks like a cross between Swiss Family Robinson and Lord of the Flies.


We keep going because we know that we’re doing exactly what we’ve been created for. Loving our kids and family has kept us on this long and surprising road. I’ve made some room and want share the road with you for a bit. Sign up for updates and click below to follow on FaceBook for a lot more content. Lets leave our mark on the world together.

Amber and the 200 fingers and toes at my house

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